Angeles Doc Competition Finalist (My Final Girl)

My Final Girl
an Official Select/Quarter the Angeles Doc competition 
(Documentary, Short Form)

Thank you Beverly Bonner Gloria Gifford, Marlene Clark, Pam Grier, Sam Waymon, William Crain, Chiz Schultz, Dr. Robin Means-Colman, Dr. Isabel Pinedo, BRIC, Graveyard Shift Sisters, Ax Wound Film Fest, All of my Horror Sisters (and Brothers), my professors (Larry L. Banks Marjan-Professor Moghaddam Claire Goodman The Libraries and Vintage Archives (Schomberg, U of Indiana- Bloomington-Black Film Archives, UCLA, U of Michigan, LIU, Eddie Brandt Saturday Matinee, Larry Edmunds Bookshop, LA) and most of all my awesome family-It takes a village!!!

I am so proud of this work!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!