What is the name of this leading lady who starred opposite Bernie Casey in Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde?

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Rosalind Cash plays colleague Dr. Billy Worth who works with Dr. Black to find a cure for cirrhosis of the liver.

What famous Vampire attacks this unlucky cab driver

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Ketty Lester plays this Iconic cab driver Juanita Jones in the film Blacula.

After feeling doubtful about religion, what Big City does Joel go to in order to meet this Lovely Succubus?

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Joel goes to visit his cousin in New York City and meets the Temptress at a bar on a night out.

In Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight, Jerilyn must keep what from the Demon who seeks to destroy mankind?

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In Demon Knight, Jerilyn is the unlikely hero who must protect the Blood Key filed with the blood of the last protector from a very crafty demon called the collector who cannot directly touch the key or its content.

In Ganja and Hess, where was Dr. Hess Green is said to have been stabbed and given the original blood thirst from what group of people?

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While in Africa, Dr. Hess Green is said to have been studying the rituals of the blood drinking tribe of Merthians when he is stabbed repeatedly. Thus becoming a Blood drinker.

What was Laura Bowman's (Left) profession in this 1940 Classic - Son of Ingagi?

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Dr.Jackson's returns from Africa with N'Gina. In an attempt to make him the focus of her work she finds, she tries to domesticate and find a cure for the creature's disposition.

In the Craft, what spell does Rochelle cast in the circle to the deity Manon?

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Rochelle cast a revenge spell to get back at her bully Laura Lizzie.

In the Blood of Jesus, what accident prompts Sister Matha Ann Jackson to be cast to the world of Limbo?

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While cleaning his gun on the porch Ras Jackson's gun accidentally goes off, hitting his wife.

In the Classic Blacula, What happens to Prince Mamuwalde's wife Luva after he is cursed and sealed in a coffin by Count Dracula?

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As a punishment for not reaching an amicable deal, Count Dracula seals Prince Mamuwalde in a casket and leaves his wife Luva next to him in the sealed chamber to die and unable to save her husband.

In this 1981 sequel to the Halloween, who does Mrs. Alves kick out of Laurie's hospital Room

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"Time's Up Jimmy" is the phrase Mrs. Alves says to Jimmy, to get the rascally yet caring EMS worker out of Laurie's room.

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Could you Love a Vampire?

Could You Give up Sunlight?

Do you want kids?

A Homeless person asks you for money and you?

Which "My Final Girl" Vampire are You?

You are a Queen of the People and you will die multiple times for the one you love.
Ganja Meda

You believe in self preservation at all cost.
Countess Vampira

You'll roll with the Blood/Light situation as long as you can keep your funky ways.
Lisa Fortier

Nope, It's not going to work out. You like sunlight and being a human too much also voodoo must be respected.
Queen Akasha

You are The Beginning of Time Vampire and mere mortals are not worthy.

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